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About Juris Documents

Online since 1998, was initially a hobby and offered a small collection of free legal forms commonly used in California. The target audience was and is attorneys, real estate professionals, and other persons knowledgable about legal documents or willing to learn. For this reason, extensive descriptions of document purposes and procedures were not included. Document price was based on the approximate cost to have a legal secretary type the document. PayPal was becoming popular for online payments and it was added to the site in 2001. A more secure payment system involving server side code was added a few years later although still utilizing PayPal.

Over the years the site and documents were updated as time permitted. This site was never intended to be a big money-maker but it refuses to die so it apparently fills a need. It was always my opinion that legal matters were complicated and each individual situation so unique that attempting to instruct someone on general legal procedures was unwise. Over the years I have watched many legal document websites appear and disappear or change to change their service to online representation. Even the State of California has expanded the printed forms available for court and transactional procedures and keeps expanding the information to users in printed pamphlets, online, and in courthouses. Lawyers are expensive but they are the best option to having a legal matter handled competently. For these reasons, this site should not be considered a substitute for hiring a lawyer.