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California Legal Forms and Documents

Alternative Dispute Resolution - California Court Forms

Form Number    Form Name
CR-100*Fingerprint Form
CR-101Plea Form, With Explanations and Waiver of Rights-Felony (Criminal)
CR-102Domestic Violence Plea Form With Waiver Of Rights (Misdemeanor)
CR-110Order For Restitution And Abstract Of Judgment
CR-111Abstract of Judgment - Restitution
CR-112Instructions: Order for Restitution and Abstract of Judgment
CR-113Instructions: Abstract of Judgment - Restitution
CR-115*Defendant's Statement of Assets
CR-117Instructions: Defendant's Statement of Assets
CR-118Information Regarding Income Deduction Order (Pen.Code, §1202.42)
CR-119Order for Income Deduction (Pen.Code, §1202.42)
CR-120Notice of Appeal-Felony (Defendant) (Criminal)
CR-125*Order to Attend Court or Provide Documents: Subpoena/Subpoena Duces Tecum (Criminal and Juvenile)
CR-126Application for Extension of Time to File Brief (Criminal Case)
CR-131-INFOInformation on Appeal Procedures for Misdemeanors
CR-132Notice of Appeal (Misdemeanor)
CR-133Request for Court-Appointed Lawyer in Misdemeanor Appeal
CR-134Notice Regarding Record of Oral Proceedings (Misdemeanor)
CR-135*Proposed Statement on Appeal (Misdemeanor)
CR-136Order Concerning Appellant's Proposed Statement on Appeal (Misdemeanor)
CR-137Abandonment of Appeal (Misdemeanor)
CR-141-INFOInformation on Appeal Procedures for Infractions
CR-142Notice of Appeal and Record of Oral Proceedings (Infraction)
CR-143Proposed Statement on Appeal (Infraction)
CR-144Order Concerning Appellant's Proposed Statement on Appeal (Infraction)
CR-145Abandonment of Appeal (Infraction)
CR-150*Certificate of Identity Theft: Judicial Finding of Factual Innocence
CR-151Petition for Certificate of Identity Theft (Pen. Code, §530.6)
CR-160*Criminal Protective Order-Domestic Violence (CLETS - CPO) (Penal Code, §§136.2, 1203.097(a)(2), 273.5(i), and 646.9(k).)
CR-160 SCriminal Protective Order-Domestic Violence (CLETS - CPO) (Spanish)
CR-161*Criminal Protective Order-Other Than Domestic Violence (CLETS - CPO) (Penal Code, §§136.2 and 646.9(k).)
CR-162*Order to Surrender Firearms in Domestic Violence Case (CLETS-OCP) (Penal Code, §136.2(a)(7)(B))
CR-165*Notice of Termintation of Protective Order in Criminal Proceeding (CLETS) (Penal Code, §§136.2, 1203.097(a)(2), 273.5(i), and 646.9(k))
CR-168Batterer Intervention Program Progress Report
CR-170Notification of Decision Whether to Challenge Recommendation (Pen. Code, §2972.1)
CR-175Notice and Request for Ruling (Criminal)
CR-180Petition for Dismissal
CR-181Order for Dismissal
CR-183Petition for Dismissal (Military Personnel)
CR-184Order for Dismissal (Military Personnel)
CR-185Petition for Expungement of DNA Profiles and Samples (Pen. Code, §299)
CR-186Order for Expungement of DNA Profiles and Samples (Pen. Code, §299)
CR-187Motion to Vacate Conviction or Sentence (Pen. Code, §§1016.5, 1473.7)
CR-188Order on Motion to Vacate Conviction or Sentence (Pen. Code, §§1016.5, 1473.7)
CR-190*Order Appointing Counsel in Capital Case
CR-191*Declaration of Counsel for Appointment In Capital Case
CR-200Form Interrogatories-Crime Victim Restitution
CR-210Prohibited Persons Relinquishment Form Findings (Pen. Code, §29810(c))
CR-250*Notice and Motion for Transfer
CR-251*Order for Transfer
CR-252*Receiving Court Comment Form
CR-300Petition for Revocation
CR-301Warrant Request and Order
CR-302Request and Order to Recall Warrant