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California Legal Forms and Documents

California Unlawful Detainer Court Forms

Form Number    Form Name
CP10Claim of Right to Posession and Notice of Hearing
CP10.5Prejudgment Claim of Right to Possession
UD-100Complaint-Unlawful Detainer
UD-105Answer-Unlawful Detainer
UD-106Form Interrogatories-Unlawful Detainer
UD-110Judgment-Unlawful Detainer
UD-110SJudgment-Unlawful Detainer Attachment
UD-115Stipulation for Entry of Judgment (Unlawful Detainer)
UD-116Declaration for Default Judgment by Court (Unlawful Detainer-Civ. Proc., § 585(d))
UD-150*Request/Counter-Request to Set Case for Trial-Unlawful Detainer